UPDATE –—— April 28 - May 02 • Contributing to the 11th Choreographic Coding Lab by the Motion Bank, Mainz GE. –—— July 3rd • Body.code workshop, Sittard NL. –—– August 12 - August 16 • WEET IK VEEL alternative learning festival, Eindhoven NL.
I’m Alvin Arthur, Guadeloupe born Interaction Designer & Performer currently based in Eindhoven, NL.
I implement movement into bodily static activities,
in order to bridge the gap between mainstream education & the way we learn through the body.


— is a language of choreographed body movements and gestures that enables people to program and code in collaboration with others.
Programming is a skill that is increasingly required in the working world, but the only people who seem capable of doing it are those who can sit staring at a screen for hours. It is a physically lonely and static task. I make it a collaborative and active task, using Processing software, Labanotation principles and tracking technology.

“ Typing is a process that discriminates most people when it comes to programming. Though, the latter is fun, and more and more relevant in a digitizing era. ”

“ Somaesthetics are not only for the Arts. They anchor meaning into one of our most basic abilities and needs : moving. ”

“ Learn programming by moving
your body. Literally. ”

“ At some point,
I've gotten frustrated staring at a screen while sitting on a chair, for hours. ”

“ Revival of pair programming. Body.processing is a dialogue. ”

“ Understanding the principles of precisely coded body motion potentially allows programmers to envision how the body can be used in their own discipline, which is also code based.
It’s important that both worlds agree upon their expectations on language precision and flow. ”


_Can I stand still?
Erase myself from the surrounding_
To be as sure as a thud and,
Steal the soul of my vibrant motion.


Flamboyant connection,
Searching itself within mimesis_


Natural or Cultural,
The Society of Spectacle molts,

I make myself vulnerable.
Raising conflict as ecstasy.
Embracing blur, ulgy.
Enacting one's outspoken, yet seemless, beauty_

I flow fully reacting. Flamboyant exchange.


I dance manifesto I, manifest ego to the skeptical crowd.
Estranged Persona.
I, move away,
Creative dizziness,

I dance my interactions beyond comfort_



ReAct is a serie of experiments based on my spontaneous understanding of my surroundings.




The IAM (Institute for Applied Motions) has been asked by the Danish Technical College of Skanderborg to frame a workshop allowing their students to explore how movement can provide a more viable computing experience to people suffering from Chronical Pain, due often to long periods of static postures at work. My role was to explore choreographic possibilities.

Collective started as OpenLab : the first student driven course ever established in Design Academy Eindhoven.
Initiated by Jim Brady and I, we created a rhizomatic learning experience over a semester. We, design peers, faced many challenges in terms organization, financing, human ressources, curation, education and more.

Our experimental approach has also been studied by Felix Vorbeck & Johannes Vinkler for their research on education at the Hochschule Düsseldorf.

Talk @ Create Out Loud
'Reversed Mentoring & Future of Design Education'
03:34 - 10:34


Sowbitiè An Mouvman

The Choreography of Ice Cream invites us to celebrate the making process of Ice cream, by simply embracing our ability to move.
The recipe is executed in five main stages, where the quality of the end product precisely depends on how well each task is performed. If one fails, there is no ice cream in the end!

As part of my cultural heritage from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, I translate the way ice cream making, back home, is a strong ritual connected to movement and storytelling.
The exact origin of the coconut sorbet in the Antilles remains unknown still today. We only know the first ice cube arrived there back in 1820, shipped in a boat coming from Boston.

Ice cream is a largely spread commodity that often creates many happy emotions within us, no matter where we come from. Though, this commodity is very iconic, in a society that glorifies instant gratification, hyper-accessibility. Here, it is about the act of collective making.
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