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UPDATE —— July 9-11 • Body.scratch Takeover @STOREROTTERDAM, Rotterdam NL. —— September • Body.scratch workshop series @DYNAMOJEUGDWERK, Einbdhoven NL. —— October • Launch Caribbean Entrepreneurs Incubator @WhistleIncubator, Caribbean.

Coming from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, Alvin early understood that creating would bring him out of his land to connect with, and design for more people.

"I believe humans need to move in order to learn and create", says Alvin, therefore he designs ways for people to learn through their moving body when their educational and work environment is not facilitating it. Intervening at the cross-section of Play, Embodiment and Technology. Within this scope, Alvin puts in practice diverse disciplines such as Game Theory, HCI (Human Computer Interaction), UX design and Choreography of Interaction. It always starts from the need of moving the body.

After completing his studies at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris and Design Academy Eindhoven, he now works as an embodied e-learning entrepreneur and educator. He's the founder and managing director @Body.scratch, a phygital gaming service to learn code via dance challenges. He is the co-founder and VP @WhistleIncubator, the first online incubator that helps Caribbean entrepreneurs build businesses with a Design Thinking approach. He is also regularly sharing his vision @ChoreographedReality.
He is currently living between the Netherlands and Guadeloupe.

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