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I share with you some of the most valuable content nurturing my practice.
Just Move — Ido Portal
by London Real

#movement #journey #fearlessness

As first piece of knowledge to share, this documentary is one of the pillard of my practice as kinaesthetics designer but first and foremost as moving being. Ido Portal founded the "Movement Culture", a worldwide community of movers from all types of backgrounds and disciplines that come together to explore, research, create in movement, just because they can.

Choreography of Interaction
by Sietske Klooster & Kees (C.J.) Overbeeke

#UXdesign #choreography #education

This thesis delivers a matrix on analyzing the different components of what makes an interaction from the perspective of dynamic relations. At first intended for product design, I find these principles resonate in many creative processes. Sometimes, the sum of all is not the whole, though it helps to recreate a strong creative process.

Body Memory, Metaphor and Movement
by Sabine Koch, Thomas Fuchs, Michela Summa & Cornelia Müller

#movement #bodymemory #kinaesthetics

Definitely for me one of the pioneering book in terms of integrating the moving body as part of most basic understanding of humankind.

Win Without Pitching Manifesto
by Blair Enns

#creativebusiness #entrepreneurship #strategy

A simple to read and digest book on business practices in the creative industry. Eye Opener.

by Marty Neumeier

#branding #business #focus

"When everyone zigs, zag."

The Best Interface Is No Interface
by Golden Krischna

#UXdesign #sensortechnology #lessismore

A remarkable compilation of case studies showing how coming back to the moving body by focusing on UX over UI will lead to less absurd designs.

Designing Fictional Futures — CTW 2017
by Monika Bielskyte

#decolonizingthemind #openness #now

During her talk, Monika Bielskyte — a nomadic creative being advising governments, corporates, organizations — is sharing her observation of potential future scenario making, from her traveling experiences. I use her principles while teaching creative embodiment in Arts & Design schools.

by Adam Curtis

#humancondition #mediainfluence #inception

An eye opener on the influence of media on public opinion since the early 80's. The gears of neo-propaganda explained through western-eastern rivalry.

by Waltz Binaire

#dance #mapping #kandinsky

This piece from Mio Loclaire is a very inspiring tools for dancers and choreographers to be suggested movements and decide on the fly wether they follow or not. To me, it helps structure the decision making process within a freestyle session.

Dive Deep
by Nedda Sou

#housemusic #housedance #wayofliving

As part of the House culture, carrying values of sharing, acceptance, benevolence, unity in diversity, clubbing for expression and dance, I find that one of the sounds that translates it the most to me is from Nedda Sou. Enjoy!

Anji Play
by Cheng Xueqin

#education #childhood #play

If not for the kids for who? I believe in sustainable education where collaboration and self-fulfillment are part of the same journey from the cradle to the adulthood. Empowering kids tom embrace their predispositions is key in creating a world full of realized individuals, able to collaborate, nurture care and face challenges.

Commencement Speech — 11.05.2013
by Teresita Fernandez

#trusttheprocess #workethics #kintsugi

It is not about resilience but about anti-fragility. Life experience breaks us, and we heal from it with golden scars as the kintsugi demonstrates. Teresita Fernandez guides the students in an extremely powerful manner. These words have been resonating within and keep on doing so.

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